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M/s RVPR Constructions Pvt. Ltd., providing Engineering and Technical Project Consultancy in establishing Iron Ore Pelletisation and Beneficiation Plants from concept to commissioning backed up by experienced and expertised Personnel including in-house Design Teams.


RVPR Constructions carries-out pre-feasibility & feasibility studies for Iron Ore Beneficiation & Pellet Plant Projects considering all the technical parameters, test results, facilities and economic viability of the Project. A pre-defined plan for the entire project is prepared supported with quantified flow diagrams which give detailed information regarding machinery, Induration design, raw materials, utilities, man power and financial overview. 


As a consultant for the Pelletisation Project, RVPR extends professional guidance & assistance for project finance through term loans and working capital limits


Prior to the construction of an industrial plant, engineering studies is needed involving several engineering specialities like:

  • Basic Engineering Design (BED)
  • Conceptual process studies
  • Preliminary basic design of pelletizing plants
  • Definition and sizing of major equipments
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Equipment Specification and P&I Diagram(PID)
  • Detailed Engineering which stands on the Basic Engineering carried out earlier
  • Detailed Civil Foundation & Construction Drawing
  • Detailed Structural Drawings
  • Detailed individual technical Structure Drawings (Induration Furnace)
  • Detailed Ducting Drawings
  • Start-up Procedures


Selection of most appropriate equipment which suits the application and selection of the quality Vendors plays a very important role for every project. RVPR Constructions prepares a set of technical specifications for selection & procurement of all the major equipment of the Pelletisation and Beneficiation plants.


The organisation has a large team of qualified, certified and experienced inspection engineers, well-versed in advanced methods of testing which are vital for checking forgings, castings and critical welded structures, storage tanks, pipelines and Vital machine components like pumps, compressors, industrial fans and vibro-machinery etc. Besides NDT, number of inspection engineers are specialised in the field of welding technology are monitoring using vibration analysis. They evaluate welding procedure specification, procedure qualification record, and Welder’s qualification based on relevant codes and practices.

RVPR’s Inspection & Quality Assurance team monitors and assesses procedures and methods ensuring that quality parameters are adhered to. The methods are planned and developed with the objective of delivering total project support and integration, attaining high standards of management, equipment and process quality. Such assessments are often customised as per the Client’s needs and requirements.


Effective Project Management is the key to the success of the Project and it should be managed with innovation in today’s rapidly evolving technology domain. RVPR has in-depth understanding of the concepts and techniques required to manage projects of any capacity and scale. Its experience across a wide range of industries encourages give-and-take of ideas and adoption of best techniques.

RVPR’s skills and services, coupled with its global reach across all markets gives it a distinct edge over others in project consulting. This service includes Project Planning, Schedule Management, Project Evaluation and Progress Reporting, Contract Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management & Performance Monitoring, Materials Management, Assistance in Commissioning, Follow-up and expediting Services and budgetary Cost-Control.


The completion of construction & erection work immediately invites the commissioning activity which broadly verifies:

  • The design intent is accomplished
  • Assures that system operates as intended
  • Validate system performance
  • Train Operation staff

RVPR Constructions helps the client to identify the probable lacunae and faults during commissioning if there exist any. We make sure the equipments are handled/operated carefully as designed by the vendors. RVPR also ensures that commissioning activities be performed in pre-defined order and definite fashion without exerting excessive stress on the Plant & Machinery.